At last I am cancer free!!!!

It is Feb of 2016 and I am finally told by my doctors that there is no more cancer in my body…at least from the knees to the brows…don’t know yet about my head…lol….since I have been so forgetful lately.

I thought I was free of the cancer in 2014, but in 2015 a piece of the cancer that was in my cervix had traveled to my groin area so I had to have more radiation, but for only a month this time instead of 3 and chemo for a few sessions, but this time the chemo they gave me made me bald.  I was so thankful the last chemo I had in 2014 didn’t make me lose my hair, but this time it did…I was very upset to see it come out in clumps each time I tried to comb it or even run my fingers thru my hair. I cried every time.

It is now Feb of 2016 and I just turned 70 on the 7th, and my hair is still very short and not growing at all…so every day that I have to go out of my house, I cover my head, and even in the house, because my head is cold, I wear a hat of sorts.

I had a ct scan and an ultra sound of my lady parts and no cancer is seen so I am very happy!

Thank you anyone who reads this and replies, since I am feeling better, I will be back on to respond to any and all replies…thank you so much for being here and I will also be by your blogs to read and reply.