How many of you know the benefits of coconut oil?


I saw Dr. Oz one day and he was talking about the surprising health benefits of coconut oil.

It is a heart healthy food, mounts resistance against virus and bacteria, can help to fight off yeast, fungus and candida. Coconut oil can also positively affect our hormones for thyroid and blood-sugar control. It can help with ageing, from the time of infancy through the senior years, coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer for skin and hair. There are other benefits also for our bodies, so please if you have issues with your skin, hair or other things wrong, this may help you….its worth a try right?

Does coconut oil have side effects?

The literature suggests that coconut oil is quite safe to take in reasonable amounts. While no formal study has figured out the exact amount for optimal benefit, it appears one to two tablespoons a day can be beneficial.

If you want to read more, go to Dr. Oz’s page here
and also this other site:

I have also been reading about what it does for pets. Since my dog Coco has itchy skin, I have started giving it to her twice a day, 2 teaspoons in the morning meal and 2 in the evening meal. Its only been a couple of weeks, but I think her skin is less itchy than it was before I started giving it to her. Before, I couldn’t even touch the top of her back without her doing a dance moving her body all the way to the floor, but now I can touch her and pet her and even scratch around her tail and she stands still….and loves it. Its good for all animals, cats, dogs, horses, cows and other farm animals.

I hope everyone tries this product and see the difference it makes if you have a pet in distress. I am glad I bought some for myself to use and now I am giving it to my dog and will start to give it to my cats also. For a large container as pictured above, it is only $22.00 at costco. It is 78 fl. ozs. I am not a spokesperson for this product, just wanted to mention all the benefits to a better healthier life for all the who come on and read my posts. 



My daughter Vicky went and took a few pictures today of the creek that runs along my property. I thought it looked almost tropical and it almost makes me wish it was hot enough to go dip my feet into the water.

Usually this is my spot to go and sit in the shade on a nice soft moss covered boulder when the heat gets too unbearable.  And yes that is a waterfall above beyond the tree branches and leaves.

A ‘Question’ ?

Today being Martin Luther King’s birthday, I thought a poem for our world would be a great way to end this holiday. Its too bad people cant be like our fur kids, they don’t care what color their brothers or sisters are….they love no matter what.




Why so much we don’t understand
So many that are so different
Lands hidden behind so many colors
When inside we are all imperfect

Hate abounds with race and gender
Why is this so
When we are all made of skin and bone
No matter of our tone

Our eyes and hair all of different hue
Our stature short or tall
So why does hate take president
In so many minds and souls

Will there ever be a loving race
Of persons on this earth
To embrace each other no matter what color
To find love within the skin
Replace hate and bigotry 
With love for all who be

Someday maybe but not this year
Too much tension in the air
Maybe in the distant future eyes will see
Not of color but inner beauty
Will be the normalcy

CANDY, the Sweetheart


My other fur dog, she is a very sweet and lovey dog.

She came into my household after her owner went to prison. He saved her from the humane society when she was only a baby, a tiny little pooch. And before he went in, he asked me to take care of her. And I have for the last couple of years now. She is a lovey dog, and so very sweet.

Her and Coco are sisters from another mother and father but sisters none the less. They love each other very much, and Candy is so in love with Coco, she will wait for her to come back into the house when I let them out in the morning. Candy always comes back first and Coco always goes out looking for deer turds to eat first. Candy will sit by the door and look for her sis to come back.

Candy loves watermelon and banana’s, apples, pears and any thing I like to eat she will try it. I don’t give her anything that will make her sick. Once I gave her some small orange slices and I guess she ate too many and was sick all night long, puking. That taught me a lesson to check out what foods dogs can and cannot eat.

Candy loves all things fur. She loves my 4 cats and the new dog on the block…Loki my daughters little puppy. The only ones she hates are the two dogs across the creek. But it was never like that in the beginning. She wanted to go and play with them every chance she could. If she saw them in the creek on their side, she would run over with her tail wagging and wanted to play. Puppies are like that, always in the mood to play. But those two dogs, Husky sisters and they would always try to bite her and beat on her body. Finally Candy grew out of being nice and now she wants to beat on them whenever she can. Especially after they bit her on the face.

But overall Candy is a sweetee all the way. She is a barker thou and her bark is very annoying. She is a mix of a few breeds, so I just think of her as Heinz 57. She is my love and I hope for a very long time. 




My Coco


My dog Coco and how we came to be together is because the family who had her didnt want her anymore. They were moving into an apartment and couldnt take her but I really didnt think they even loved her to begin with. They liked her fine while she was still a puppy but after she got bigger, they had her tied up on a very small porch and the rope was only long enough for her to do her business and thats it.  She never barked I guess because they kept telling her to shut up because they lived in the middle of a junk yard and lots of people coming and going so she had to be kept quiet.

Now Coco has me and a good home. A warm house to sleep in and a yard big enough to go anywhere she wants and do her business.  She is never tied up, she is a good dog and still never barks.

She loves to play fetch with anything and anyone. You have a ball or rock or pine cone and she will run and fetch it back to you. Sometimes she wont give it back but eventually she will give it up because she wants to run some more. She really loves a frisbee. She loves to run after it, jump and grab it with her teeth. I have gone thru many frisbees with Coco.

Only problem with her is her skin. She is alergic to something and I dont know what it is. Its probably my carpet but I cant help that. I have tried every medication out on the market to help her but I have not taken her in to get tested. I just dont have the money to dish out on allergy tests, I heard they can run into hundreds of bucks. So right now I am giving her coconut oil in her food morning and night feedings. I hope it helps her with her itchy skin. I have tried different foods for her and nothing seems to help. 

I love her and want her to be happy and I hate to see her in misery especially in the summer months when its hot outside is when she seems to be more itchy. She will lick and chew herself raw and its usually right around the tail and her butt area. And no she does not have fleas, I check her all the time and put the meds on her neck to keep them and the ticks away.

She is a sweet dog but she does not like the twin terrors, Jasper and Oscar…at least not yet. Hopefully in time the family of furs will love and be nice to each other.




Where is the Couch?


My daughter Linda has 2 huge St. Bernards and 3 cats. But this happened tonight. She got pushed off her couch by the one St. Bernard Roxie and then George the cat. 

These are my grand fur kids and they are just so lovable. Roxie is the older one I think she is 9 yrs old. Her sister from another mother Marley Ann is very rambunctious but is calming down. She I think is either 2 or 3. 

Roxie is the black and white dog and Marley Ann is brown and white.

Roxie used to come to my house before her sister came on the scene and no matter what time of year it was she would get in my creek and plop her body down into the water….and this happened every single time. It was just too funny to see her cooling off her belly. 

I love those two grand fur kids even thou when I go to their house, they push me around until almost knocking me down. I felt like a rag doll when both come at me. I think they both weigh about 140 lbs each or there abouts.




Ruby the Cat

My cat ruby


Ruby was I think about 4 months old when she came to live with me. A friend who lived on the other side of town from me told me over the phone that there was a baby kitten that kept coming around her house and she would throw chicken bones out to her to eat. She had 3 grown cats of her own and she didn’t want another one and said she didn’t want to feed it cat food. So whenever they had chicken for dinner, she would throw out all the chicken bones for that one kitty to eat and any other stray cats around….and she said there were many.


I asked what kind of cat was it and what was its color….she sent me a picture over the internet and I saw how pretty she was and asked her if she could maybe capture her in a cage and bring her over. It took her over a week to get that kitten to get into the cage and she brought her over here to my house and I put her in the back bedroom. Its an extra room I have to hold all my junk from moving here and still boxes that haven’t even been opened up. I knew there was nothing she could hurt herself with in there and I wanted her to feel secure and safe.


As with my Lizzy cat, I put a radio in that room for her to listen to and fed her every day and sat in the room on the bed and talked to the 4 walls for a week or so. I looked everywhere for her once, just to see where she was hiding her little body. I found her in the tiny closet that held my extra blankets and sleeping bags but as soon as she saw me, she took off like a lightening bolt to hide under the bed. I sat down and talked to her some more and left the room.


I knew she was a feral cat but in my thinking with care and love she would know I meant her no harm.  So after a couple of weeks she would come out of her hiding places and sit and watch me. One day I tried to pick her up and she started to purrr…and it went on the entire time I held her little body to mine. After that first encounter with the human touch, she wasn’t that afraid of me anymore. But she was still skittish and hid each time I opened the door to feed her. I think it took almost a month of trying to befriend her that I finally let her out of the bedroom but kept her inside. I was afraid being feral she would just take off on a run and never look back or come back. This was a new place for her and she didn’t know the territory of her new home.


A month later I took her to the vet and had her spayed because she went into heat but the vet took one look at her and said no way, she is too young…and would not fix her. I called the humane society and asked if there was  a vet who did free spayings on feral cats and yes, so I took her in again and had her taken care of and they gave her a rabies shot wormed her and clipped her one ear…just in case she ever took off and was found, she would be known to have been spayed and taken care of so they would not pick her up to take her away. All this was done free of charge to care for a feral cat.


Now Ruby is part of the family. She is still not all that friendly until you pick her up if she doesn’t get spooked first and gouge out your arms with those claws of hers…lol…yes that happened to me once only. I tried picking her up while she was outside on the front porch and I guess I moved too quickly and she freaked out and meowed really loud and dug her nails into my arms and drew lots of blood. After that I was very hesitant to pick her up…but over the years she has been with me…I think 3 or 4 now, she has mellowed out a lot and I can pick her up and hold her and let her purrrr…And she is a beautiful cat, still small for her age, but that’s ok, I love her just the way she is.




Just a poem I wrote





In the mist he sits awaiting his true love

Knowing not from where she comes but feels her near

His skin crawls with delightful pangs of rapture

His senses reel from exquisite feelings

The body reaches a peak of passion

He can no longer resist

As he tries to smother the flames gnawing deep inside

She appears out of the waters edge

Hair brilliant in the moonlight

As it sparkles of diamonds on black sand

Skin as fine as parchment

Glowing from the moonbeams subtle light

Legs sculpted of fine alabaster

Long and shapely stopping at the ‘V’

His eyes cannot fathom the beauty of this maiden

Wishing he could reach out and touch this vision

But alas, he cannot for she is only a figment in his tormented mind

He lost his true love to the fury of a storm

Remembering the last sweet moments together

As the waves swept her into eternity

He sits and waits for his eternity to begin

Hoping he will join his love in the abyss of rapture

On this misty shore of passion and remorse

          In the mist he sits and waits……………………



A story I wrote for the picture posted


Does anyone like to write short stories? I do and the way I make a story come to life is by looking at a picture first…then my mind conjures up the story. I have found so many cool pictures on the internet and each one with a story ready to be told. I will give you an example of one picture I found and then wrote up a short story about it. I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment so I can see if its worthy of my mind going to that place where it brings out the imagery and brings to life what the picture said to me.


Just a DREAM?

The dream started out pretty passive, but just before waking up it progressed into something scary and unreal.

There we were in a park exploring all the rides, exploring the paths thru the trees and grassy areas when we got to a sandy beach and noticed seashells exposed in the sand. Conches and starfish along with other variety of underwater creatures were laying there exposed to the hot sun. A smell of decay was already permeating the air around this sandy spot.

We looked around and didn’t notice any fish laying in the mess but as we walked the perimeter of this area, there they were. Laying on top of boards and rotting planks were the biggest fish we had ever seen. They were still alive and looked like they were waiting to jump into water that wasn’t there. Some of these creatures were exactly that; creatures of unknown origin because they didn’t look like fish at all. They had the characteristics of fish but almost prehistoric looking or maybe even alien.

Gloria pointed to the one funny looking animal sitting on a rotting wharf. “David, look at that thing! It almost looks like a snail covered in some kind of armor. What the hell is going on here? Have we been invaded by aliens? These creatures don’t look like stuff that belongs here.”

David looks towards where her finger is pointing and sees the snail thing. And agrees it does look alien. “I don’t understand it. We come here all the time for picnics and today it looks all alien and almost like we are on another planet. Did we time-travel or did things change drastically here?”

Gloria grabbed his hand and held on as tight as she could. He almost yelped from the pain but let her hold on because it gave him some security from the crazy stuff he was seeing.

We continued to walk around the sandy beach and all of a sudden out of the center came a loud roar. The ground shook beneath our feet and we scrambled away so not to be sucked into the sand. It looked like it was up-heaving something. As we fell backwards and landed on the soft grass, a wall of water came barreling out of the hole in the very middle of this dry pond.

As we watched, this water turned into a giant wave. “What the hell? Get up Gloria, lets run. We have to get away from this or we will for sure get sucked into that wave.” Grabbing her hand again, David pulled her up and they both started running away from the now not so dry pond.

The wave kept getting bigger and taller. It roared and churned and formed white foam around the edge. They kept watching over their backs as they ran as fast as their feet could pump, tripping on rocks suddenly exposed from the trembling ground.

The rumbling stopped as quickly as it began. All was deathly quiet. The breaking wave suddenly stopped growing and stood absolutely still. Eerie was an understatement. Four eyes watched as this roaring gushing water stopped moving and in a heartbeat was transformed into a still image.

As they watched, Gloria and David’s mouth opened wide and their eyes were glued to the uppermost curl of this tsunami wave. They were breathless from running from it but when the stillness penetrated their ears, both stopped and turned to look.

Only silence penetrated their ears and as they inched closer, they could see the fish and other creatures starting to move. They were winding their bodies for a leap into this still wave of water. Like a spring pulled, their bodies were expanding for that leap into the foam surrounding the wave.

Cracking and creaking of rocks grinding against one another suddenly broke the quiet. The noise was so intense, they both had to put their hands over their ears to withstand the pressure of the sounds. And it wasn’t just the rock noises; it was also tree roots moaning and screeching coming out of the ground forming trunks of a gnarled appearance.

Opposite them on the far bank, the two saw rocks being hurled into the air and landing down atop the weird looking tree trunks to form some sort of huts to house gnomes or other unearthly creatures. Soon all hell broke loose and the water that was so still and quiet came into life and began its inward motion. Pulling with it the sea creatures laying in the sand and as this began to happen, the fish bounced off their perches of rotting wood planks and leaped into this curl of the wave. The roaring water started to pull into itself as it made its decent back into the hole from whence it came.

As this was happening, Gloria and David felt a pull on their bodies. They were being sucked into this vortex of swirling water as it pulled all things around the pond into the spinning core. Their body was sliding along the grass and there was nothing to grab onto to stop their backward motion.

As they reach the abyss of death, the couple opens their eyes and find themselves scrambling on their bed with the blankets being pulled by the two dogs wanting them to awake and be fed. Barking and growling is going on around them as the two St. Bernard’s pull on each corner of the blanket as if a game.

Gloria starts to laugh as she wakes up to see the mutts playing and yanking on the blankets. Those 2 huge dogs wanted them up and did whatever they could to get them out of bed. David pulls the dogs up on the bed with them to quiet them down as he tries to awaken from a nightmare. Looking over at Gloria, he sees the same look in her eyes as he feels.

“Did you dream last night?” he asks. Gloria looks over at him and says “Yeah, I did, but it was more of a nightmare. Water and waves and alien creatures. YOU?” He looks at her and nods. “Yup, crazy shit and I am glad it was only a dream. I would have hated to be there in the real.”

Thinking about last night, no wonder they had such a nightmare, she remembers the meal they had just before going to bed. David had concocted a meal for them both and he piled each of their plates and they ate and ate until they could hardly breath. This meal was causing hallucinations while they slept and the dreams became reality until Keera and Kyle decided to break in and want their breakfast.

Both lay there and let the nuzzling of the soft wet noses sooth their frazzled nerves. But why did they both dream the same thing? What was in that food? Hmmm….must have been the sea salt and exotic spices that David had leached from ocean water and picked up at the food fair. Better get rid of it all so this doesn’t happen again!