Big Black Bull

More fun times on our ranch, this time with a big black bull.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I lived on a ranch/farm. We had 100 acres, some was flat fields for hay, and the rest was uphill forested land.

One day my mom and I were out in the bottom 3 fields checking the fence to make sure no breaks anywhere where our cows could get out. We got to the middle field and there were all the 26 cows plus one big black Bull.

They were towards the far end of the field, so we didn’t think our walking would affect them in any way. We didn’t want to have a stampede on our hands if we scared them.

They were all eating or laying down and didn’t even look at us while we walked…But that dang Bull saw us. Now my mom and I were about 200-300 feet from him and his cows, but I guess he thought our intrusion into his space was not going to be tolerated.

He started to snort and he put his head down and pawed the ground several times and I thought oh oh, I yelled at my mom to RUN!

She took off running and so did I ….she went around another fence and tried to close the gate and I wasn’t too far behind her, but I for sure wanted to make sure she was safe so I lagged behind. If he was going to get either of us, I wanted it to be me and not mom.

We both made it around the fence and pulled the gate shut so he couldn’t get at us…but he only ran half way at us and stopped…pawed the ground several more times and snorted to let us know…Yup stay away from my cows or else!

Funny about bulls, I guess they are quite protective of their harem of cows…and that one incident kept us from walking out in the field with that bull around ever again. …he was a big Brangus Bull with a hump on his back and he weighed way over a 1000 pounds. {Brangus is half Angus and half Brahma bull}

Yup life on a farm/ranch can be quite scary at times….but we never thought he would charge at us. We always go out with hay and feed them all and he has always been very docile but I guess the hay was ok to come close with but if just walking, he was either protecting his cows or he wanted to play…well if it was his play time, I don’t want to play his games or with him!

this picture of him is the black critter on the right, and those are his cows.