Hi All

I am still learning the ropes here on wordpress, it seems difficult to find anyone.  So if you know me, please let me know somehow and add me as a friend.

I have been on Multiply but since it is closing its doors, we all must migrate to new and exciting places and I hope this is one of them for me.

I live in Oregon, land of the Umpqua. It is a beautiful valley with lots of streams, creeks and rivers.  Many mountains around me with tall green trees. Image

I have a family of 2 dogs and 4 cats, they own me in every way possible.


this is Coco and Candy and they love to ruff house. Especially Candy, she loves to chase Coco and bite her tail or ears.  She is fast too, runs like a deer.

top is Lizzy, the talker. She was thrown out and found her way into my washroom and into my heart.

Ruby a wild thing. She was a feral cat but she is getting used to us humans now, but still wont get into anyones lap. She is her own animal.

And my two new additions, 2 little boys brothers. Black is Jasper and the other is Oscar.

Well I have shown you my furry family. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please come by and say hello.