A tail of a cat

My cat Oscar has one of the longest tails I have ever seen. He is about 6 months old and he is still on the thin side but his tail is so long and fuzzy. I dont know if its a record length on a tail of a cat, but it is 14 inches long.  I measured the other 3 cats I have and their tails are shorter than Oscar’s.  I wish I knew what breed he is. If anyone can tell me I would love to know. 

Since he came to me in a box that someone dropped off, he and his brother Jasper have been thriving and keeping me up at night when they decide to run and play. Its usually when I am trying to sleep and they decide its play time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my fuzzy little guy.


10 thoughts on “A tail of a cat

  1. Oscar is a very handsome kitty and his tail is gorgeous. That tail for sure is something he should be proud of. Love his face, looks so sweet and the white socks on his feet I like too. I can see some tabby in him but what else he is mixed with I have no idea. Nose kisses for all your sweeties from me and mine.

    • Thanks Maggie, Someone mentioned he looks like a Maine Coon…but since I dont really know what that is…I looked it up on the net, and he does look like those kind of cats, but whatever he is, I think and I know he thinks he has the best looking tail in the bunch of 4 here.

      • He does look some like a Maine Coon, if he is and full-blood he will be a large cat. He is handsome for sure!

  2. dood….ewe mite be a maine coon kitteh N if thatz de case ewe iz gonna beee a BIIIIIIG boy when ewe iz full lee grown !!! 🙂

  3. I am sorry to write, but my Oscar is not with me any longer…one night he went outside and never returned back home. Since I live with woods surrounding me, I am sure a wild thing got him. I miss him still every day and its been about 6 months now he has been gone.

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