My grand daughter Maria went for a walk in the woods and took  a lot of pictures with her new dslr camera and she saw things I would never think of taking a picture of.

It was a cloudy partly rainy day with a few sunbreaks, and her eyes saw stuff mine would never see. This is her WALK-ABOUT.


It is destined to go into my woodstove, this lovely piece of Madrone.



An old piece of brick with tiny plants and moss growing on it and from it.



A clump of Oregon Myrtlewood, and what I call Bay leaf trees



Sunlight coming thru the trees showing a path for 4-wheelers to navigate thru the woods



A huge boulder with moss growing on it



A tiny bird sitting on a branch waiting for the sun to shine

There are lots more that she took on her walk about thru the woods,  and these are her pictures what her eyes saw.

I hope you enjoy looking because I know she enjoyed taking them.