A ‘Question’ ?

Today being Martin Luther King’s birthday, I thought a poem for our world would be a great way to end this holiday. Its too bad people cant be like our fur kids, they don’t care what color their brothers or sisters are….they love no matter what.




Why so much we don’t understand
So many that are so different
Lands hidden behind so many colors
When inside we are all imperfect

Hate abounds with race and gender
Why is this so
When we are all made of skin and bone
No matter of our tone

Our eyes and hair all of different hue
Our stature short or tall
So why does hate take president
In so many minds and souls

Will there ever be a loving race
Of persons on this earth
To embrace each other no matter what color
To find love within the skin
Replace hate and bigotry 
With love for all who be

Someday maybe but not this year
Too much tension in the air
Maybe in the distant future eyes will see
Not of color but inner beauty
Will be the normalcy


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