CANDY, the Sweetheart


My other fur dog, she is a very sweet and lovey dog.

She came into my household after her owner went to prison. He saved her from the humane society when she was only a baby, a tiny little pooch. And before he went in, he asked me to take care of her. And I have for the last couple of years now. She is a lovey dog, and so very sweet.

Her and Coco are sisters from another mother and father but sisters none the less. They love each other very much, and Candy is so in love with Coco, she will wait for her to come back into the house when I let them out in the morning. Candy always comes back first and Coco always goes out looking for deer turds to eat first. Candy will sit by the door and look for her sis to come back.

Candy loves watermelon and banana’s, apples, pears and any thing I like to eat she will try it. I don’t give her anything that will make her sick. Once I gave her some small orange slices and I guess she ate too many and was sick all night long, puking. That taught me a lesson to check out what foods dogs can and cannot eat.

Candy loves all things fur. She loves my 4 cats and the new dog on the block…Loki my daughters little puppy. The only ones she hates are the two dogs across the creek. But it was never like that in the beginning. She wanted to go and play with them every chance she could. If she saw them in the creek on their side, she would run over with her tail wagging and wanted to play. Puppies are like that, always in the mood to play. But those two dogs, Husky sisters and they would always try to bite her and beat on her body. Finally Candy grew out of being nice and now she wants to beat on them whenever she can. Especially after they bit her on the face.

But overall Candy is a sweetee all the way. She is a barker thou and her bark is very annoying. She is a mix of a few breeds, so I just think of her as Heinz 57. She is my love and I hope for a very long time. 





13 thoughts on “CANDY, the Sweetheart

  1. Sweet and beautiful Candy. Her name fits her well since she is such a sweetie. I remember when she first came into your life and I believe with all in me that she is right where she is meant to be. I love hearing about the things she does. Her eating watermelon and other veggies makes me smile. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Candy.

  2. Waht a cutie pie Candy is…she sure is a mixed breed and so gorgeous!
    Here’s a song to celebrate Candy:

    I am so glad you took her & that she & Coco are sisters together!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

    • I thought it was very cool song and quite lively…I enjoyed it very much. And I am glad to be here also, and to meet you and so many others on here….such a nice wordpress family. Hugs new found friend.

  3. Thanks Marty!! WP beats 360/Multiply hands down. I have made friends here and we actually write cards & letters & talk on the phone…then there is the greater blogging community out there in Blogger & Blogspot & some independant blogs & we have made more friends…people sent Nylablue gifts for her birthday on Dec. 24th even…she was diagnosed with IBD in July & almost died. Vet pulled her thru but she got Paancreatitis in October & I was told THE END…somehow she pulled thru…the love & support from here & extended blog community has carried me thru some very dark days & I beleive all the prayers & love helped Nylablue too!!
    I am glad we have met too…
    Sherri-Ellen xo

    • It is hard to have one of our fur kids get sick….You dont want them to suffer but you also dont want them to leave us. I have lost so many fur kids in my lifetime, and I am sure more will continue to leave me…but I know they love me and I love them….and always will remember all of them with fond memories. I hope your little one is ok and continues to make it thru each sickness….they have a will to live as long as they feel our love….I am so sorry your Nyablue is having such issues…give her a hug and kiss from me.

  4. Exactly Marty; I am always of two minds with Nylablue. I set a date of Nov. 2nd when she got so sick in October & she pulled thru so we cancelled that date. Nylablue has managed to get thru until now….she was really bad off 2 weeks ago & I was going to have her put to sleep but the Vet pulled her thru so she is stable for now. She is on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time if you know what I mean??
    Like you I have said Goodbye to many 4 leggeds & their memories & photos console me…

    My previous cat Mingflower (who you might remember) was the *love* of my Life & my heart cat. Nylablue was ‘just’ a rescue & then something magical happened…we bonded & we fell in love…with her on going health issues (since I rescued her) we grew so close! So I have another heart cat & I am so blessed…
    I would never want to be alone without the love & companionship of a 4 legged….
    Sherri-Ellen xo

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