My Coco


My dog Coco and how we came to be together is because the family who had her didnt want her anymore. They were moving into an apartment and couldnt take her but I really didnt think they even loved her to begin with. They liked her fine while she was still a puppy but after she got bigger, they had her tied up on a very small porch and the rope was only long enough for her to do her business and thats it.  She never barked I guess because they kept telling her to shut up because they lived in the middle of a junk yard and lots of people coming and going so she had to be kept quiet.

Now Coco has me and a good home. A warm house to sleep in and a yard big enough to go anywhere she wants and do her business.  She is never tied up, she is a good dog and still never barks.

She loves to play fetch with anything and anyone. You have a ball or rock or pine cone and she will run and fetch it back to you. Sometimes she wont give it back but eventually she will give it up because she wants to run some more. She really loves a frisbee. She loves to run after it, jump and grab it with her teeth. I have gone thru many frisbees with Coco.

Only problem with her is her skin. She is alergic to something and I dont know what it is. Its probably my carpet but I cant help that. I have tried every medication out on the market to help her but I have not taken her in to get tested. I just dont have the money to dish out on allergy tests, I heard they can run into hundreds of bucks. So right now I am giving her coconut oil in her food morning and night feedings. I hope it helps her with her itchy skin. I have tried different foods for her and nothing seems to help. 

I love her and want her to be happy and I hate to see her in misery especially in the summer months when its hot outside is when she seems to be more itchy. She will lick and chew herself raw and its usually right around the tail and her butt area. And no she does not have fleas, I check her all the time and put the meds on her neck to keep them and the ticks away.

She is a sweet dog but she does not like the twin terrors, Jasper and Oscar…at least not yet. Hopefully in time the family of furs will love and be nice to each other.





15 thoughts on “My Coco

  1. I can’t believe that her old family said, they don’t want her anymore. She is a beautiful girl. I agree for the allergies, it’s difficult to find out the reason. Have a super saturday :o)

  2. Hello Mary: Sherri-Ellen here. I saw Mag’z corner blog & that you had come over to WP & wanted to welcome you!! This is an amazing blog site & there are many fabulous people here!! Were you on 360/Multiply before as your *handle* sounds familiar??
    Our blog is Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad. Drop by anytime!
    Now to Coco…she is absolutely gorgeous! You know when people want to give up a 4 legged & someone else scoops them up I am thrilled! Better Coco found a home with you then ended up in a High kill shleter or set free to fend for herself! You are Coco’s ‘angel on earht’!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

    • thank you Sherri-Ellen Yes on both. I was on yahoo360 and also on Multiply…and yes Maggie has been my friend on both. About Coco, yes she is a pretty girl and I am glad I was able to give her my home as her home.
      I will visit your site also and I did see the horsie and the oil portrait of Nylablue..he is a beautiful cat.

      Thank you for coming by and checking out my place here.

  3. Not a problem Marty!! I am glad to see you here & hope you enjoy WP As much as I do!
    I remember you from the ‘old days’, lol.
    Ummm don’t tell Nylablue you said she was a boy as she is a female cat. Nyla is a female name in East Indian….when she was at her full weight of 10.5 lbs she did look quite ‘masculine’….but she is all girl; all the time….a Queen 😉 (so she tells me).
    Isn’t the pony great?? Janet Blue of TheCatOnMyHead blog ‘adopted’ Nylablue as one of her own & she sent Nylablue the pony as she did a blog back in the Summer saying (whining) she wanted a Pony…It was very sweet of Janet to send her one for her birthday; then to receive that lovely portrait of Nylablue also was fabulous. I cried for 1/2 hour because of her kindness. That is something I have found here: there is so much kindness & support & love…
    Plus the friendships are so strong & real. I have friends everywhere & I feel truly blessed.
    Ok I better stop waffling on…
    Glad you dropped by our blog. I am following your blog now too!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Oh no I am so sorry, I didnt mean to imply your princess is masculine…lol. Tell her next time I will for sure be more specific and refer to her as a girl…

      That is so nice for a friend to send her a pony…and the painting was lovely. I paint rocks and once I painted two rocks for a friend in Georgia and sent it to her. They were rocks in the image of her cat and her dog both I think died so I wanted her to remember them in a different way. And she loved them.

      Have a lovely evening Sherri-Ellen and Nylablue

      On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Marty's Site of Pictures and Stories

  4. That was a very thoughtful thing to do Marty!! I think I might have seen some of your work in the past…
    We are having a quiet evening here….Football & doing replies with Nylablue by my side.
    P. S.: We won’t say a word to Nylablue 😉

    • Well that is what I am feeding her now…the rice and lamb but someone said that the lamb is not good for some breeds…its too hot…whatever that means…so I will keep trying to find the right combo for her. Thank you for coming by.

  5. That will be my next choice for her but I have a full bag of the lamb and rice so I need to finish it first…but thank you….or I will start giving it to Candy..she loves all food and nothing affects her skin.

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