Where is the Couch?


My daughter Linda has 2 huge St. Bernards and 3 cats. But this happened tonight. She got pushed off her couch by the one St. Bernard Roxie and then George the cat. 

These are my grand fur kids and they are just so lovable. Roxie is the older one I think she is 9 yrs old. Her sister from another mother Marley Ann is very rambunctious but is calming down. She I think is either 2 or 3. 

Roxie is the black and white dog and Marley Ann is brown and white.

Roxie used to come to my house before her sister came on the scene and no matter what time of year it was she would get in my creek and plop her body down into the water….and this happened every single time. It was just too funny to see her cooling off her belly. 

I love those two grand fur kids even thou when I go to their house, they push me around until almost knocking me down. I felt like a rag doll when both come at me. I think they both weigh about 140 lbs each or there abouts.





8 thoughts on “Where is the Couch?

  1. roxie N george…we dunno why yur mom iz questshunin why her got kicked off de sofa when it iz knot… her sofa… ta start with 🙂

    …N veree nice ta meet ewe both N marley az well…bet ewe pupz can put down 95 pounds oh kibble in a week huh !! 🙂

  2. That first picture is adorable. I love St. Bernards but have never seen on in real life. My step-dad had one but that was before he and my mom married. He told lots of stories about him. Hugs

    • thank you Maggie…yep those two dogs are something else…so big yet sooo gentle. My daughter Linda has always wanted one and then she married Dale and now they have 2…but they need a big yard to run and play and right now there is no room for them to do that…so they take them out into the mountains and let them do their running, or on walks like the last picture…I cut off Linda and Dales head because I posted it without asking her if it was ok, and then after I did she said it was ok…oh well, but I wanted you all to see how huge they are.

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