Ruby the Cat

My cat ruby


Ruby was I think about 4 months old when she came to live with me. A friend who lived on the other side of town from me told me over the phone that there was a baby kitten that kept coming around her house and she would throw chicken bones out to her to eat. She had 3 grown cats of her own and she didn’t want another one and said she didn’t want to feed it cat food. So whenever they had chicken for dinner, she would throw out all the chicken bones for that one kitty to eat and any other stray cats around….and she said there were many.


I asked what kind of cat was it and what was its color….she sent me a picture over the internet and I saw how pretty she was and asked her if she could maybe capture her in a cage and bring her over. It took her over a week to get that kitten to get into the cage and she brought her over here to my house and I put her in the back bedroom. Its an extra room I have to hold all my junk from moving here and still boxes that haven’t even been opened up. I knew there was nothing she could hurt herself with in there and I wanted her to feel secure and safe.


As with my Lizzy cat, I put a radio in that room for her to listen to and fed her every day and sat in the room on the bed and talked to the 4 walls for a week or so. I looked everywhere for her once, just to see where she was hiding her little body. I found her in the tiny closet that held my extra blankets and sleeping bags but as soon as she saw me, she took off like a lightening bolt to hide under the bed. I sat down and talked to her some more and left the room.


I knew she was a feral cat but in my thinking with care and love she would know I meant her no harm.  So after a couple of weeks she would come out of her hiding places and sit and watch me. One day I tried to pick her up and she started to purrr…and it went on the entire time I held her little body to mine. After that first encounter with the human touch, she wasn’t that afraid of me anymore. But she was still skittish and hid each time I opened the door to feed her. I think it took almost a month of trying to befriend her that I finally let her out of the bedroom but kept her inside. I was afraid being feral she would just take off on a run and never look back or come back. This was a new place for her and she didn’t know the territory of her new home.


A month later I took her to the vet and had her spayed because she went into heat but the vet took one look at her and said no way, she is too young…and would not fix her. I called the humane society and asked if there was  a vet who did free spayings on feral cats and yes, so I took her in again and had her taken care of and they gave her a rabies shot wormed her and clipped her one ear…just in case she ever took off and was found, she would be known to have been spayed and taken care of so they would not pick her up to take her away. All this was done free of charge to care for a feral cat.


Now Ruby is part of the family. She is still not all that friendly until you pick her up if she doesn’t get spooked first and gouge out your arms with those claws of hers…lol…yes that happened to me once only. I tried picking her up while she was outside on the front porch and I guess I moved too quickly and she freaked out and meowed really loud and dug her nails into my arms and drew lots of blood. After that I was very hesitant to pick her up…but over the years she has been with me…I think 3 or 4 now, she has mellowed out a lot and I can pick her up and hold her and let her purrrr…And she is a beautiful cat, still small for her age, but that’s ok, I love her just the way she is.





6 thoughts on “Ruby the Cat

  1. veree nice ta meet ewe ruby…..N way hapee yur mom finded ewe when her did…de streetz can bee ruff…eye noe…eye lived me furst yeer on em.. N when I finded my for ever home… eye said sew long road, terned in me pass a port N never looked bak…. hope ya haza wild whitefish kinda wednesday !!! 🙂

    boomer N crew

  2. Beautiful, beautiful Ruby and how lucky she is that you took her, in loved her, cared for her and gave her such a good home. There are a lot of my cat blogging friends that would love to read about all your cats but they have no way of knowing when you post if you do not have a “Follow by Email” widget on your sidebar. They are not on WP and have to follow by email. If you have that widget up they can subscribe and then WP will email them every time you post. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Ruby

    • I thank you Maggie, and yes I think Ruby is very beautiful, I love her colorings.
      As for putting up the follow widget, I have tried twice now and I thought it was up but I guess not…guess I am doing something wrong….lol…as always!

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