MY Lizzy CAT



Yep, today I will tell you about my Lizzy. She is a cool cat but is very suspicious of anyone she doesn’t know. She will run and hide when she sees a car drive up or if someone comes into the house and if she is inside, she will run into my bedroom.

She came to me as a wayward throw away kitten. I live near forested areas and a road goes by and its a logging road. Someone threw her out I don’t know why because she is a beautiful cat. She found her way to my house and hid in my washroom, which is right outside my back door…yes I have an old house and that’s just the way they built them back then…but anyway….she was hiding behind my washer and dryer and I had a friend over that day and asked him to get her out please. We closed the door so she couldn’t get out, he had a pair of thick gloves on just in case…and he grabbed that little baby kitten and handed her to me. I had a towel ready to put over her and took her into my back room and let her go.

I gave her water and food and put a radio in the room with music and talking so she could get adjusted slowly to human voices. I knew she was a wild one and I cant understand how being so small she made it out there in the woods without getting eaten up by some wild bigger critter.

I walked in that room every hour or so just to check on her. She hid herself in one of my old desks and I kept searching each drawer and finally found her. I picked her up and held her and talked to her for a long time. I then let her go and again she scooted under that desk into one of the drawers from behind.

This went on for about 2 weeks until finally one day I was siting on the bed and talking to her the entire time when she finally appeared from under that desk and came over to my outstretched hand. After that it was an every day occurrence to have her come out and let me touch her and hold her. She would eat all her food and drink the water, and I was able to let her out of that room after several weeks of keeping her confined because I was afraid if she escaped out of my house, I would never see her again.

She is now all grown and very beautiful and silky to the touch. She talks to me all the time and if I touch her she lets out a little noise to let me know she loves me. Here are some pictures of my Lizzy from beginning to what she looks like now. Oh and she hates the two fur boys I have now streaking around the house…Jasper and Oscar. She would always be the baby that slept beside me on my bed all night, but now the two boys have taken over and since she is still not too happy with them being here, she leaves with a growl at them.Image






10 thoughts on “MY Lizzy CAT

    • I am very glad I saved her that day when she walked into my life otherwise I would never know the love from her she gives me everyday. Thank you for commenting and coming by and reading.

  1. Beautiful Lizzy I am so glad you are sharing your sweeties with the blogging world. She has beautiful eyes and I love her markings. These are great pictures of her. Hugs and nose kisses for all!

      • A lot of my followers are from Blogspot. If you put a follow by email widget in your sidebar they will be able to sign up to follow by email and will know when you put out a new post. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to follow you. Hugs

  2. mag sended uz yur way marty…veree nice two meet ewe N de crew….

    lizzy, jasper, N oscar….pleez feel free ta stop by trout towne any kinda time coz we all ways haz foods on de grill…just due knot ask for burd…..patches can tell ya why !!! veree nice two meet everee one; we bee over at blogger….N pleez think bout addin a ” sign up ta ree ceeve new posts by e mail button” ….whoa…we knead a nap after that… we noe when ya rite sum new stuff !!!! peace out N rock on N if ewe cann understand uz, knot ta worree …98 % oh R reeders dont !!

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