Just a poem I wrote





In the mist he sits awaiting his true love

Knowing not from where she comes but feels her near

His skin crawls with delightful pangs of rapture

His senses reel from exquisite feelings

The body reaches a peak of passion

He can no longer resist

As he tries to smother the flames gnawing deep inside

She appears out of the waters edge

Hair brilliant in the moonlight

As it sparkles of diamonds on black sand

Skin as fine as parchment

Glowing from the moonbeams subtle light

Legs sculpted of fine alabaster

Long and shapely stopping at the ‘V’

His eyes cannot fathom the beauty of this maiden

Wishing he could reach out and touch this vision

But alas, he cannot for she is only a figment in his tormented mind

He lost his true love to the fury of a storm

Remembering the last sweet moments together

As the waves swept her into eternity

He sits and waits for his eternity to begin

Hoping he will join his love in the abyss of rapture

On this misty shore of passion and remorse

          In the mist he sits and waits……………………




13 thoughts on “Just a poem I wrote

    • thank you Annie, it was from when I was camping and fishing at a lake several years ago and it was a sunrise, I dont usually see sunrises, I am not an early bird, but when I go fishing, yup it begins early to catch those fish..lol

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