The Twin Terrors

I mentioned in my bio about me that I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. Two of those 4 cats are new additions to my family and they are little terrors. They love to run and make lots of noise in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep.

Oscar and Jasper. Oscar he is a purrerr…his motor is always on…never stops. He is a very friendly kitten and loves everyone. He has long fur and a very long tail. His colors are very pretty too light to dark grey and 4 white feet and white around his mouth, neck and chest. He is very soft and silky.

Jasper is all black not one tiny spot of white or any other color on him that I have seen so far. He is a mama’s boy…me being his mama. He is very territorial with me. He wants to be the first by my side, or on my neck and will push his brother Oscar away to get closer to me. I think he thinks he owns me…lol.  He does not purr very much or very loud only when I am hold him he will do it softly.  And he doesn’t like anyone to hold him or pick him up but me. His fur was not very silky when he first came to me but in the last month he has gotten more softer and blacker.


They were tiny kittens when I got them and now they have doubled in size. Still as adorable as ever but more rambunctious than when they were tiny. Running around the house and sounding like a herd of elephants rather than 2 kittens.



There are times during the early hours of morning I have to get up and lock them in another bedroom because they will not shut down. And then they scream and little Jasper is the worst, he will throw himself against the door and want out…but after a few minutes they both quiet down and then I wonder what are they destroying in there…LOL.

Jasper is the worst with his meowing and really getting angry if he cant get his own way. Like when I go to the bathroom and close the door, Oh my god you would think some was beating him up. He screams and bangs on the door and does the body slams trying to get the door to budge even a little bit so he can squeeze thru to me. No peace in this house any more…not with two babies always wanting my attention.

And then of course trying to keep them inside. I dont want them outside yet on their own…I live in a forested area and too many wild critters prowling around…so I have not let them out…but of course both have snuck out as soon as either door is opened. On several occasions I have had to grab them by the tail and haul them back inside. Jasper is the worst, he is like a streak of lightening and he runs out and then I have to try to go after him to get him back inside…and of course he runs away as soon as I get close to him. Little brats.

So this is my life now…taking care of 2 little ones, trying to calm the two older cats that still hate these two babies and of course the 2 dogs, One dog Candy likes the little kids, the other one Coco she growls softly at them when they get close to her…but I think she is getting better with time.


17 thoughts on “The Twin Terrors

    • Hi Island Cats…yes they are adorable even thou a pain in the rear…especially when they run outside and I have to either grab them by the tail and haul them back or have to go and try to scoop one up to bring inside again. I think they are too young to be wandering around alone outside….you just never what is lurking out there whether in the woods or in the sky just waiting to snatch a baby up.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting and checking out my posts. I did see your posts also, dont remember whether I commented or not but I did like your page. I think there were so many comments I left it at a “LIKE”

    • Yes I thought 2 cats were plenty but now with these two new ones…my goodness they sure keep me on my toes….and thank you for coming by reading and commenting….I went to your site and commented on your Christmas tree cats.

    • Oh for sure, they are terrors when they are together…but if one is sleeping, the other one does not cause as much trouble alone…lol. I am constantly yelling at them NO or stop that…lol. Its a constant thing and they always seem to get into things I dont want them to…like climbing up my curtains…lol. Have a great day Barb and thanks for stopping by.

  1. Hi there Mags has encouraged her brood to come and check you out, and I see some have,
    I have dogs but animals are animals and all need love, Your two are adorable. have a nice Sunday

    • Hi Arlene, thank you for stopping by and reading about my little guys. I also have 2 dogs and will be posting about them soon…we love our fur kids and each of them is special in their own way….you also have a great Sunday.

    • Hi there Easyweimaraner….thats a long name…lol I hope I got it spelled correctly. Yes I read your page and yes you are a mama’s boy and you are so lucky to have a good mama….enjoy your Sunday and come back soon and read about the other fur kids in my house.

  2. Glad to see you are posting about your fur sweeties and I am happy that some of my wonderful and faithful followers have made it over to visit. Those little ones will be all grown up before you know it they are growing like weeds. Hugs!

    • Yes Maggie, they are growing fast. I wish they would stay little and not cause so much trouble…lol….but soon enough I think they will settle down and not run around the house like elephants on a rampage…lol…I can only hope. Have a great Sunday my friend…and hugs back at ya.

  3. Just found Mags and she helped us find you!!! We love to play Thundering Herd of Elephants (THoE) in the middle of the night too! It echos best then. Can’t wait to hear more about Your furry family!
    Marty the Manx and the Gang

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