The Bench

This is a story I wrote a few years ago. It was just something that a picture inspired me. The lone bench overlooking the ocean. 



The family was enjoying the warm afternoon, mom and dad relaxing while the two kids played behind them on the grass.  Earlier, they were down on the rocks exploring and looking for seashells and having a wonderful Sunday morning.  After a couple of grueling hours of trying to keep the two boys from drowning they decided to come up and sit on the bench for a while and look out onto the calm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sky was darkening to the west, which meant a storm was coming but the water still sparkled from the sun trying to shine through the few clouds overhead. 


Sitting on that hard rock bench brought back memories of days when they were alone, not yet married with two rambunctious kids to chase after all day. Such peaceful days those were, kissing and hugging and talking about their future. That bench saw lots of action and not just from them, but other couples that would wander down this way and sit under the moonlight and make dreams happen. The kids used to call it the ‘Love Bench’, and for them it sure was.


But they have no regrets! At least the twins are angels when asleep in their beds at night.


All of a sudden the siren started blowing. It meant one thing…. a tsunami was coming.  They looked out and noticed the ocean receding. Rocks that were under water were now fully exposed and the urchins and starfish clung to the slick surface trying to hang on. The water kept going back and back and the beach was so exposed, it was scary to look down. Remembering the pictures of the tidal wave in Indonesia, they hope it doesn’t happen here. Maybe it’s just a fluke and the low tide is lower than usual and the siren is just a test.


But taking no chances, they go scrambling up the grassy bank, the children were skipping and playing while the parents trying to shoo them up the steep incline as quickly as possible. Ultimately dad picked them both up under his arms and ran up the hill with them while they squealed with delight. 


Finally reaching the top, he throws the two boys in the truck and takes one more second to look down at the solitary bench sitting there awaiting its doom. 


4 thoughts on “The Bench

    • Thank you Maggie….I love to look at pictures and see what my mind can conjure up…thats how I usually write all my short stories and I know you like a better ending…but sometimes it never happens…LOL>

  1. Hi Marty I am popping in to visit on Mag, a recommendation and I have not been disappointedgreat posts,, did the tsunami come….. did the big storm come I have to follow you to find out what happens… of luck

    • Thank you for reading my story ‘the bench’. I saw that picture of the bench sitting there so alone and this story popped into my head and well…I think the tsunami did come but they left for higher ground…lol.

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