Storm coming into Oregon tonight

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I was watching the weather tonight and they say a powerful storm is headed our way tonight and into the weekend.

I am not happy about a “BIG” storm hitting us especially if it has lots of rain in it. I know we need the rain but in moderation is good. When we get too much rain at one time it scares me.

I have lots of trees around my house and a creek that flows along peacefully most of the time. But when it rains hard and for too long, the water begins to flow down off the mountain behind me and all the mud and silt comes with it and make my creek a ‘rushing river’. It gets so high, I sometimes am afraid the water will take my house with it. And I only live about 60 miles from the Pacific Ocean and I keep seeing myself in this house floating down and hitting the ocean waves and then on to who knows where…scary thought isn’t it?

But the creek isn’t my only concern. Its all the trees that might be uprooted by that water that gets so powerful and fall onto my house.  I know I am probably scaring myself, but I do worry alot when it rains a lot.

The picture posted is of my creek when it gets brown, ugly and powerful. It becomes that river of no return for me…and I use this same water for my drinking and all else I do in the house.  Even with filters, it does not clean up the water. And if I take a bath, which I sometimes like to do with bubbles up to my neck…this water is brown and I think, am I even getting clean or dirtier…lol.

Xing fingers this storm is not too bad and the rain comes in spurts rather than a downpour all at once.


5 thoughts on “Storm coming into Oregon tonight

  1. Oh, no! I don’t like to hear this, I know what you have been through in the past when the heavy rains come and your creek gets to rising and roaring. Stay safe sweet Marty. Hugs

    • So far so good Maggie…the rain is coming in spurts so its not a continual down pour but the creek is getting a bit dirty but its still well within its banks. Now its getting dark out and the wind is picking up and I have heard a few bumps and bangs on my roof from the tree above my house….just hope the branches are not too big to come crashing thru my ceiling…lol.

    • The rain has slacked off some today and I hope it doesnt come in heavy any more. As for my creek, its still within its banks but dirty. I shut off the water to my big black tank to keep the water inside still clean. I will open it up after the rain is done and hopefully the water will be cleaner to use for my daily things.

      We have 2 1/2 inches of rain out here…just yesterday and overnite…but it wasn’t a downpour constantly so I think that is what saved my creek from going crazy. I thought for sure we were going to get snow last night, the temps started to dip into the 30;s and it felt really cold…but no snow!

      Its a dreary day today but not too bad. The dogs were out and so did my little Jasper…escaped again…had to go fetch him back inside…the little turd….enjoy your Sunday Maggie…hugs to you and your crew.

      • Glad to hear the rain did not cause your creek to overflow, you got a good rain. That little Jasper is being a toot about running outside, isn’t he? You enjoy your evening too Marty. Hugs back to you and your crew.

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