MY RIVER to swim in



I love water and living beside a creek and a river across the street is very cool.

Since moving to this house, I have gone swimming in my river several times during the hot summer days we get out here in Oregon. It is always so refreshing to jump into that cold water when your body is sooo hot. Of course it takes your breath away each time but once you get accustomed to the temperature of the water, its not bad at all.

My grandkids always come over and swim and bring their friends…of course its no fun swimming alone so I always encourage them to have a buddy to swim with. 

I figured with the cold temps outside, a nice cool dip in a river would take your mind off of the brrrrrr of the cold.

Picture above is of the river when one of the kids jumped in and made a big splash.


12 thoughts on “MY RIVER to swim in

    • I used to fish in this river when we first moved here, but the Fish and Game have stopped any fishing to let the fish repopulate. These are trout and I guess they got fished out….and the migration of salmon and steelhead in the fall and they lay their eggs and then die. but it is nice and clean to swim in and it does get kinda warm in the hot summer months…warm enough so we dont freeze on impact…LOL.

  1. Your pics are fantastic, Marty. You live in a beautiful place and I look forward to seeing you here, too:) You are a busy lady! I will try to keep up-LOL hugs!

    • Hi Terri, thank you for stopping by and reading my posts…I have seen your page also and like it. Will be stopping by again soon to see whats new….have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Marty, Char does not have a site here at WP she just has a Gravatar so she can comment. Maybe she will start one up here now that you and I are both here. I see Annie made it over here, she takes wonderful pictures. Hugs

    • Oh so thats why I cannot get to Char’s page…lol…thanks for letting me know Maggie.
      Yes Annie does take some beautiful photo’s been to her page and saw….and Maggie thank you for sending your friends over to meet me and check out my pages….you are a sweet lady…love you!

      • I thought I should tell you about Char so you wouldn’t keep looking for her page. lol I was more than happy to send friends to check out your page. I will leave that post up for awhile and there will probably be more come over the next few days. You are welcome and you are a sweet lady my friend. Hugs

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