Hay time in Oregon


Anyone ever do any haying in their lifetime? 

I never dreamed I would when I lived in the city of San Jose, California….but I sure found out how it was done and how hard it was.

You see all these hay bales of either square ones or round ones laying in fields as you drive anywhere out in the countryside, and think wow those look cool. I knew it had to be a hard job to get them into bales, but I had no idea HOW hard it would be.

When we moved up here to Oregon, we had about 20 acres that was used for hay fields. And of course we had no idea we would need to do something with that grass that eventually turned into hay. We found out soon enough thou, it needed to be cut, let sit until it dried…then you use a hay rake to rake it into windrows and let it dry some more and then a baler comes down those windrows and makes those big heavy prickly square bales.

Of course we didnt have the equipment to do it either so the men went out and bought used stuff because who the heck has the money to buy brand new and pay thousands of dollars. But the used equipment always breaks down and needs parts to fix whatever broke or wore down. So maybe in the long run, it would have been cheaper to buy the new but we didnt have the money.

So after the bales are finally done and sitting in the field…we listen to what the weather will do. If they say it will rain, oh my god, the rush was on to get those bales under cover into the barn. You dont ever want hay bales to sit out in the rain because you just never know how long it will rain and if the water gets inside the bales of hay, they are ruined and will mold.

We would get everyone even the kids to have fun bucking hay. I hated it!!!! Sometimes my brothers would get their friends to help us, because it took muscles that you didnt even know you had to lift those 50 pound bales from the ground into a truck bed…yup it was hard work and then to get those bales from the truck into the barn was another chore and it wasn’t easy. 

So every year about end of May into June, depending on the weather our job was Hay. I really dreaded that time of year to come…but when you buy a ranch and are stupid to begin with…you gotta do what you gotta do and we did…all of us….me included.


7 thoughts on “Hay time in Oregon

  1. That is one thing I never had to do, we bought all of our hay and all I had to do was clip a wire to feed the livestock. I know it was hard work I watched others doing it. We mostly raised cotton and soy beans so that is what I worked in. This post brought back a lot of memories for me. Hugs

    • I am glad it brought some good memories back to you Maggie….these pictures of the hay just brings back the pains and aches and the scratches I would get on my arms and legs from the hay. I am just glad I dont have to do it anymore…I asked my kids if they miss it…they said yes they did…but they are still young…wait until they get old as dirt and then I wonder if they would feel the same way…LOL.

  2. Not all the memories are good. I am very thankful I no longer have to work in the cotton and soybean fields. I really hated picking cotton, the hoeing wasn’t as bad, but the picking was hard on backs and hands. Hugs

    • Yeah I think any job that hurts your back is bad…lol. I am so glad you don’t have to do this work now…can you imagine in our old age how long we would last out in the fields?….not long I would venture to say! I am also thankful I don’t have to do any haying either…even thou the kids say they miss it…I sure don’t…lol.

      • There is no way I would be able to do that kind of work now. And I am so thankful we don’t have to. I sometimes miss life on a farm but not the hard work.

  3. Me too and all the sounds of nature uninterrupted by town and city noises. We have a lot between us and each neighbor but lots of homes across the road from us and the road is a pretty busy one most days. I would like to live far enough from neighbors that I could not see or hear them.

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