My Rock Critters

These are rocks I found in river beds and painted to look like animals.



7 thoughts on “My Rock Critters

  1. thank you so much Maggie….I love those rocks, just wish I still had most of them in my collection…and wish I could get into painting them again…it was fun especially looking in the rivers for that one rock for that one animal.

    • What is it you would like painted Maggie? And how big of a rock do you want? When I sent those to Elton I painted for her, I paid 10 bucks just to ship it to her…so the bigger the rocks the more the shipping charges are and I would hate to pay out way too much. but let me know and I will see if I can get into it again just for you my friend…hugs Maggie.

  2. I don’t know what sizes you prefer to paint. I would just like to have one or two but not large or real heavy ones. What you paint on them don’t really matter, I just want some of your beautiful talent gracing my home. I will pay you for making them and pay the postage to send to me. Hugs

  3. Ok then, let me think on this and I will let you know. I have a few rocks still sitting on my window sills and I will send you a pic of them and see what you think….Or I will paint some new ones…it all depends on how I feel…lol…sometimes I get into a mood to paint and will finish what I started or I at times will sit there with a rock in front of me and think Naw, I don’t want to do this right now and never get back to it….

    • No hurry just if you are in the mood and and want to. If you don’t ever want to I will understand. I no longer make things I used to, I just don’t enjoy it and my hands don’t work like they used to. Couldn’t even do it if someone paid me good money, so I know what it is like to not be in the mood or not do something any longer.

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