Is it SPRING yet?

With all the cold, snow and ice all over our country, I wanted to wish everyone to stay warm and hope none are losing their power to the ice hanging on electric lines and downed power poles.

So to make this transition from cold to warm, I wanted to post some pictures of the flowers that will be blooming around these parts soon.

Just a taste what I will be looking forward to in a couple more months…I hope you are too!



4 thoughts on “Is it SPRING yet?

  1. Oh, I am so looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers. I never have as many as you do so I am glad you are sharing some of your beauty. They are a welcome sight right now since we at this very minute are getting freezing rain. Ugh….just don’t like freezing rain. Hugs

    • I know Maggie, its been dreary and wet here all day, but I am not complaining with the rain that has finally started here…we are so dry we need it badly….I hope your gets better sooner rather than later…hugs.

  2. I am glad you are getting the much needed rain. It is warm and sunny here today but very windy. I hear things blowing around the neighborhood when a big gusts comes along. I hear things hitting the side of the house too when it gusts. I hope you get just enough rain. Hugs

  3. Last night we had some wind and rain…lots of rain. My rain gauge says 2 1/2 inches. The creek is dirty but not yet too bad…its within its banks still. I heard some branches fall on my roof but couldn’t see them when I walked outside. I just hope they aren’t too big to make a dent in my roof…lol

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