Hi All

I am still learning the ropes here on wordpress, it seems difficult to find anyone.  So if you know me, please let me know somehow and add me as a friend.

I have been on Multiply but since it is closing its doors, we all must migrate to new and exciting places and I hope this is one of them for me.

I live in Oregon, land of the Umpqua. It is a beautiful valley with lots of streams, creeks and rivers.  Many mountains around me with tall green trees. Image

I have a family of 2 dogs and 4 cats, they own me in every way possible.


this is Coco and Candy and they love to ruff house. Especially Candy, she loves to chase Coco and bite her tail or ears.  She is fast too, runs like a deer.

top is Lizzy, the talker. She was thrown out and found her way into my washroom and into my heart.

Ruby a wild thing. She was a feral cat but she is getting used to us humans now, but still wont get into anyones lap. She is her own animal.

And my two new additions, 2 little boys brothers. Black is Jasper and the other is Oscar.

Well I have shown you my furry family. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please come by and say hello.


9 thoughts on “Hi All

  1. Hi Marty:) Love your page and the blog:) Your place is looking as lovely as ever and the kids are precious:) I am trying to figure out how you can comment on my blogger.com blog. It’s a job trying to find a home and get in contact again. I found you on blogger but i couldn’t leave a comment. I will continue to work on it-LOL Hugs for ya and nose kisses for the kids:)

    • Hi Char…I tried to click on your well picture but there is no picture and go to your place, but it said there is no such user……so dont know whats going on here….lol

  2. Hi, Marty! The way to get followers is to visit blogs and if you find a blog you like and want to follow that blog up at the top of the page click on “follow” then you will get an email every time they put a new post out.

    If you know someone already here get the URL to their blog, go there and click on “follow” if you want to follow them.

    Good to see pictures of all your furries here. Hugs for you and nose kisses for them from Chancy and me.

  3. Hi Marty, and welcome to the WordPress family! I found you through Maggie’s blog, and I see that you and I share a lot of interests – love of animals, gardening, the outdoors. I love the photos of your furry-friends!
    Good luck with your blog, you will love it here.

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